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Imagine. Having an HR Advisory Consultant.

How can our consultants help?

Board Relations

Work with your Human Resources Staff, The Board of Directors, Board HR Representative, assist with monthly, quarterly or Annual Meetings. Help drive your business with a high level lens assisting with the production of KPIs, Dashboards, HR Planning, Reporting & Analysis. Assist with HR presentation to Board & Committees to assist with the potential success of the nonprofit.

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Committee Relations

Work with your Human Resources Committee, Executive, HR Audit Committees to bridge the communication gap.  

Staffing Planning - Assist the committees towards success by analyzing the current data, projecting and working with departmental leaders to maximize HR performance.

HR Analysis - Looking back, analyzing current status to give the nonprofit a good picture of how to move forward.

Operations Consulting

Staff - Working with your staff to better understand HR monthly financials, budget & projections.

Leadership - Working with leadership to compile departmental data to rollup to company HR analysis and reporting.  HR Metrics to provide to the Board of Directors, HR Committee, Finance Committee, & Executive Committee.  

Operational Flow - Assist with improving operational waste. Help with closing the gap between HR, Payroll & Finance.

Monthly HR Reporting - Assist leadership with providing meaningful financial & operational planning & reporting to utilize in Strategic Planning & Budgeting.

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