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Imagine. Doing business differently.

iMagine Nonprofit Consultants are here to move your business forward. Offering: CEO, COO, Finance, Accounting, HR Fractional Consulting Outsourcing & Advisory Services.

iMagine Nonprofit Consulting Services:


CFO Advisory Services: Help drive your business with a high level lens assisting with the production of KPIs, Dashboards, Financial Planning, Reporting & Analysis. Assist with financial presentation to Board & Committees to assist with the potential success of the nonprofit.


Board Advisory Services: Board Relations, Participation in Board Meetings, Finance Committee Meetings, Executive Committee Meetings, Audit Committee Meetings and more. 

HR Advisory ServicesWork with your Human Resources Staff, The Board of Directors, Board HR Representative, assist with monthly, quarterly or Annual Meetings.

HR Interview Consulting: Working with you and your potential candidates with interview and follow up services. Helping you take the time consuming initial interview and follow up off your hands. Once an employee is agreed upon, then, they are turned over to you! 

Accounting Services: Working with your Finance & Accounting Staff to get them on the right track.

Nonprofits are trying to be accountants and HR Management organizations when they need to focus on their nonprofit program.  iMagine us being your consultants helping you run your operations. Accounting, Finance & HR functions and reduce the chaos.

Helping connect your Finance/Accounting to Payroll & HR Departments.

Fix your accounting & HR issues without adding headcount.

As competitive as it is to hire accounting staff in this market, eliminate high cost of employees and utilize our Fractional Accounting & HR Consultants to maximize your business’s full potential.  You will have iMagine's access to a wide range of nonprofit skills and knowledge that will allow you to navigate challenges, overcome obstacles and seize new opportunities. Focus on program and fundraising! Let us build those resources that take time, experience  and free up bandwidth you may not have.

Our outsourced finance and accounting or human capital are highly skilled and are ready to hit the ground running. Let us focus on critical and strategic finance and accounting and human resources activities. Let us bring you practical experience and a depth of knowledge to any project or ongoing business process. It's what we do. Allowing you to FOCUS on what you do.

How we help

"iMagine Nonprofit Consulting" can help you outsource aspects of your business to unlock value. 

  • iMagine a skill set or functional know-how you don’t have or need in house

  • iMagine us optimizing a process through outside-in thinking that brings additional perspective
  • iMagine a strategic partner to help you drive efficiencies and growth

  • iMagine resources managing a project or process for a fixed period

How iMagine works with you

iMagine scalable solutions across an array of business functions, tailoring our relationships to whatever fits your needs.

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