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Imagine. Partnering with our Accounting Consultants

How can our consultants help?

CFO & Controller Consulting Services
Senior Accountant Consulting Services
Staff Accounting Consulting Services

Full-Time or Fractional Consulting Controller.


Replacing an exiting Controller?  Looking to outsource your Controller to complement your Staff Accountants On-Site?  

Fractional Controller Services allow your nonprofit the benefit of the service without the Full-Time Expense of an on-site Controller.  

On-Site Full-Time Controllers are costly and with high turnover rates, you eliminate the risk of having to continually replace the on-site Controller.

Cost savings of having a Fractional Controller provide services both to management and on-site Staff Accountants rather than have a Full Time Controller On-Site. 

Fractional Controllers able to do provide of your Statement of Activities, Statement of Financial Position and provide a Cash Flow Projection report, WITH analysis.

Perhaps, work with iMagine at first to provide a Finance & Accounting Department Assessment to start, improve efficiencies, then move forward with a Fractional Controller. You will both improve efficiencies and over the long term, save on payroll costs.

Ask about Full-Time and Fractional Controller or CFO options.

Full Time Senior or Fractional Accountant.  

If you don't need a Fractional Controller, but more hands on, day-to-day activities at a slightly higher level than a Staff Accountant, perhaps a Fractional Senior Accountant may be just what you need. 

A Fractional Senior Accountant is slightly less expensive than a Fractional Controller and perhaps will fill the gap between a Staff Accountant and CFO.

Fractional Senior Accountants are able to do provide of your Statement of Activities, Statement of Financial Position and provide a Cash Flow Projection report, without the analysis (Fractional Controllers and CFO's are able to provide a higher analysis level of service).

Ask about Full-Time and Fractional Senior Accounting options.

Full Time or Fractional Staff Accountant.

Staff Accountants can help you with your daily processing and entry.  Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable Processing.  

You code your A/R & A/P, and our staff enters and provides regular reporting based on your needs. Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly reporting of your A/R & A/P keep your company informed and allow the Controller & CFO the tools needed to perform higher level analysis of the Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Activities and Statement of Cash Flows analysis and Forecast Reporting.

Ask about Full-Time and Fractional Staff Accounting options.

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